About School

Establishment Year :2010

Vision & Mission

Our Vision:-

  • To create an environment to foster personal growth and the development of individual capacity to transform society through service.

Our Mission:-

  • To train new generations of youth who will excel morally and academically.
  • To create a generation of world citizens dedicated to serving humanity.
  • To emphasize understanding over mere accumulation of information.

Our Goals:-

  • Excellence in all undertakings.
  • To go beyond the basic academic development.
  • To enable students to become active, responsible participants in a systematic process of building a world civilization.

We Believe in:-

  • Fostering strong academic and moral excellence in students.
  • Quality education through the execution of the best professional practices in curriculum development, analysis, instruction and staff development.
  • Establishing a good learning environment by ensuring personal well being.
  • Diversity that enriches the school and everybody associated with it.
  • Trust and respect as essential prerequisites for healthy relationships.
  • Service to humanity as a source of strength and means for perfection.