1. Students are prepared for examination conducted by Central of Secondary Education, New Delhi. (CBSE Board)

2. The syllabus of the Junior, Middle School and Secondary School is based on the recommendations of the above mentioned Board.

3. The course of studies include Moral Instruction, Reading, Writing, Mathematics (Integrated), General Sciences, Physic, Chemistry, Biology, History, Geography, Hindi, Marathi, English Language and Literature, Physical Training, Computer Sciences, Art and Craft. (Check if the is an per the CBSE syllabus)

4. Great stress laid on co-curricular activities and character builing programs.

5. The medium of instruction throughout is ENGLISH, with HINDI being the 2nd language.

6. The syllabus for the students from Nursery to STD V will be given in the School Diary. Parents may please check the syllabus there.

7. Parents are request to check their child's grades carefully and take all necessary steps to ensure an all-round progress.

8. The Principal and staff will assist all they can to achieve the best results possible by the students. Please note that private tuitions are discouraged as these will unnecessarily put added pressure on the child.

9. However if any child is found to be weak in a particular subject, we will arrange for extra classes.